To deploy a policy follow the next steps:

1. Navigate to the "Policies" page.

2. Expand the policy that you wish to configure and navigate through the different options that you want to configure.

3. You can also remove any item from your policy by clicking on the yellow Remove button. Just like the additions, this change needs to be confirmed before it is deployed to the agents.

4. Additionally, you can cancel any of the Additions or Removals by clicking on the purple Cancel button. This will cancel the Addition or Removal that was pending for confirmation.

5. Within each of the policy options, you can choose to Add any of the available items to your policy by clicking on the black Add button. Clicking the Add button does not add it to the Policy immediately. This action needs to be confirmed before any addition is deployed to your agents.

6. After you have made all the changes to the policies, it is time to confirm the existing changes by clicking on the Deploy Changes option of the policy. Do not worry, this will not deploy the changes just yet.

7. Here you can review all the changes that you are going to deploy to the agents in this policy. Notice that the status on these is pending. Feel free to go back to the other policy options and make additional changes.

8. Click on the confirm "Confirm All" button for the agents in this policy to start picking up the changes. At this point, each of the pending changes will start to be confirmed.

9. After all the changes have been confirmed, the loading bar will be completed to 100%.

10. Notice the status of the deployment to make sure that all the pending items turned to Done.

11. At this point, the agents will check for any changes in the policy every 30 minutes. This means that were just approved will not be deployed on all the agents immediately. If you will to force all the agents to fetch the changes immediately, click on the "Deploy Now" button. Any agent that is not currently online will perform this operation as soon as it comes online.

12. You can now view the details of your deployment by clicking on the "View Details" button.