Addigy provides a Default configuration for viewing devices in the Devices table, and also lets you customize the facts and visible layouts.


The Default table view can be temporarily modified, but changes are not permanent.

To create a permanent view, customize the columns in the devices table, create a new table view.

1. Click the blue Menu button located on the top right of the devices table.

2. Click the Create Table View option.

3. Provide the name for the table view.

4. Click Create.

Note: You can create as many table views as you deem necessary.

Permanently Delete a Table view

1. Click the Menu button located on the top right of the devices table.

2. Click the Remove Table View option.

3. Click the Remove button for the table view you want to delete.

4. It will pop up a prompt to confirm the removal of the table. Click on the Remove button to remove the table. If you click on the wrong table, click the Cancel button and it will take you back to step 3.

To change between Table Views use the drop-down located at the top left of the devices table:

Add/Remove Columns from a Table View

1. Click the table's Menu button.

2. Select the column name to toggle the visibility of the column.

3. An alternative option is to click on the drop-down arrow menu.

4. Select the Hide Column to hide to the desired column.

5. To re-order the columns click and hold the arrow and drag and drop the column to the new position.

6. When a change is made on one of the Table Views, a Save button appears right next to the table view drop-down located by the top left of the devices table to allow you to save the changes.

If you experience any issues generating your Devices Table or have additional questions, please reach out to Addigy support (

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.