Pushing Addigy via Apple Remote Desktop (ARD)

Sending Unix Commands -Apple Remote Desktop includes a Send Unix Commands feature. This feature enables you to send command-line instructions to a single computer or multiple computers at one time.


  • Copy the single command line install from Addigy -> Downloads page.
  • To use the Send Unix Commands feature, select the workstations to which you want to send commands and then select Send UNIX Command from the Manage menu. In the Send UNIX Command task dialog box you will see a large textbox in which you can enter the Addigy command line. They will be executed using the bash shell. You also have the option of specifying the user account used to run the commands… choose root.  Choose SEND and that should be all. Let us know if you have any issues.

Note: Contact us if you have any issue at all.  You might need to remove the sudo commands but should work fine without this added step.