First, complete the configurations defined in the IT Glue Integration Guide.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the instructions in this guide, please contact IT Glue for support.

Next, navigate to the Support -> Integrations section within the platform and click on the IT Glue widget. 

Provide the required fields for your account:  

3. Click on "Next" to fetch the rest of the configuration information from your IT Glue account.      

4. Select the Active Status.  When a device is linked to an IT Glue account will use the Active Status for the configuration item created for this device. 

5. Select the Inactive Status. When a device is removed from a policy, we will update the IT Glue configuration for that policy with the Inactive Status value that you chose.

6. Select the default Configuration Type that will be used when creating configurations for your devices. 

7. (Optional) Add conditional Configuration Types to manage any device configuration type exceptions. 

8. Once you filled in all the fields, click on the switch on the top-right of the IT Glue integration widget.

If all the information you provided is correct, the integration will be enabled.


1. Navigate to the Policies section within the platform.

2. Click on the Integration section for the policy you want to sync.

3. Search for the IT Glue organization you want to link. IT Glue requires the name to the the EXACT organization name.

4. Select the organization you want to sync.

5. Click on Save Changes button.

6. A "Devices Binding" section should appear showing the sync progress for the devices within the policy. 

7. If any of the devices fails to be linked to the account, you can click on "Retry Pending" and the process would be re-tried for the unlinked devices.


When you link an IT Glue organization to a Policy, for every device within that policy a Configuration will be created in your IT Glue account (or activated if it already exists).

The following fields for the configuration will be updated with the Addigy Device information:     

   IT Glue field = Addigy Field

  • name = Device Name
  • hostname = LocalHost Name
  • primary-ip = Local IP
  • mac-address = Ethernet MAC Address
  • serial-number = Serial Number

a) A black IT Glue icon next to the policy means that the policy and its devices are linked to an IT Glue Organization.

b) A red IT Glue icon next to the policy means that the policy is linked to a IT Glue Organization but has devices that are not linked to a configuration for that organization.

c) A gray IT Glue icon next to the policy means that the policy is not linked to any IT Glue Organization.