When prompting the end user Addigy provides you with two options.

    1. A larger screen prompt, where you'll have space for an extended description.

    2. A slick notifier that appears on the top left. Similar to Apple's native notifications.       

1.Below is an example command on prompting the end user with a restart message using our larger notifier.

/Library/Addigy/macmanage/MacManage.app/Contents/MacOS/Electron sidebar=false action=promptAction message=“For performence we ask that you reboot your machine.”  && ((sleep 5 && /sbin/shutdown -r now)> /dev/null 2>&1 &)

2. To use our smaller notifier we would run this command instead, 

/Library/Addigy/macmanage/MacManage.app/Contents/MacOS/MacManage action=notify title="Reboot Required for Update" description="Your administrator is attempting to update your system and a reboot is required." closeLabel="Later" acceptLabel="Restart" timeout=6000 && ((sleep 5 && /sbin/shutdown -r now)>/dev/null 2>&1 &)

(This will appear with your Logo if your logo is configured in the Addigy client general settings.)

Below is a boilerplate for deploying a notification that runs a command on acceptance and cancellation.

(/Library/Addigy/macmanage/MacManage.app/Contents/MacOS/MacManage action=notify title="TITLE_HERE" description="DESCRIPTION HERE" closeLabel="Later" acceptLabel="Restart" timeout=6000 && COMMAND_FOR_ACCEPT) || say COMMAND_FOR_CLOSE

In the example above we can have a command run for both cases. Accept and Close. Simply replace the "COMMAND_FOR_ACCEPT" section with the command you would like to run when the end user accepts the prompt. And replace the "COMMAND_FOR_CLOSE" with the command you would like to run when the prompt is closed.