Within Addigy, scripts are called Predefined Commands, and we provide a strong toolset for creating and deploying these commands. To create and execute a Predefined Command on multiple machines, follow this simple workflow.

Creating A Predefined Command

Navigate to Devices.

Select the magnifying glass icon next to the text-box labeled Run Command, which will open a modal window.

At the bottom of the Predefined Commands window, click the Create button to begin working on a new command. Customize your command with a name. Add a Category for your command to be easily found later. Copy and paste (or write one from scratch) the Bash script under Bash File Content.

When you're finished, select Save at the bottom of the window.

Your newly-saved script will appear in the Category that you gave it (or Others if you did not assign a Category).

Running Predefined Commands

To run the script, select the paper-airplane  Send icon next to the command name. Your script will show up in the Run Command text-box back on the Devices page.

Select desired machines from the Devices table using the Checkmark feature (To select all, click the topmost checkmark)

Now, clicking the paper-airplane Send icon next to your command name will run the command across all the selected devices. A History window will pop up to notify you of the command's running status.

You always click the History button to look back through all the commands run across your organization.

Happy scripting!