Addigy provides all of its partners with a robust REST API for integrating one's own systems and solutions. To add an API integration, you will need to be logged into an account with the both the Create Integrations privilege and the View Integrations API privilege. For more information on user privileges within Addigy, check out our article Managing User Privileges Within Addigy.

In order to leverage the Addigy API, you will need to create a key and secret within Addigy.

1. Head over to the Support -> Integrations page.

2. Click the Add New Api Integration button, and a modal will pop up asking you to name the integration. Give it a name of your choosing.

3. Select your new integration from the grid list.

4. Voilá! Your ID and secret are ready to be built into your own Addigy API.

Please note that the Client Secret Key token will not show up again once the configuration is complete for security purposes. Make sure to keep it safely secured.