Installing MalwareBytes Breach Remediation

1. Head over to the Policy which has the machines you would like to install MBBR (Malwarebytes Breach Remediation), and click software.   


2. Then look at our Public Software Catalog and look for Malwarebytes Breach Remediation Application and click on Add App.

3. Head to the Deploy Changes tab. Confirm the addition of the App and deploy the policy.

You now have MBBR installed on all the machines in that policy.

Configuring maintenance for MBBR

1. Head over to your Catalog -> Maintenance and add a maintenance.

2. Pass it whichever job name you'd like and make sure to select MBBR - Maint as your instruction. (This will run a scan on the machine, update MBBR signatures, and if malware is found it'll submit a ticket with the virus name and remove it. )

3. Now just configure the time and schedule the job!