Addigy provides the ability to easily deploy .mobileconfig Custom Profiles to devices in your organization.

First, navigate to the Custom Profile section of the Policies Catalog and click Add Profile.

Select a name for your Custom Profile in the Create Profile modal window, then click Create.

1.Upload your .mobileconfig file.

2.Select the play button to auto-generate the installation script.

3.The output of the clicking the play button.

Optionally, enter Condition and Removal scripts to enforce this profile within a policy.

Note: custom profiles without a condition script will not be enforced. The Addigy agent will attempt to install the profile once, then ignore it on future policy deployments.

Confirm the changes to your new profile.

Now, deploy your Custom Profile to devices.

    a) Add the Profile to a Policy, or...

    b) Deploy the Profile to a single device in GoLive.