Addigy's Policies provides you with a way to structure software to be deployed and managed in a hierarchy. You may want to create a top-level policy to deploy certain software to all organization/locations you manage, while having very specific software for the Marketing department, as a child policy. You may choose to simply add software from the Public Catalog or add custom software via pkg or shell files. All settings and items added to a parent policy will be applied to its child policies.

Install Order

Child policy items do not necessarily install before parent policy items. Policy Items are pushed out in this order,

  • Addigy utils (Lan-cache, FileVault-Manager, ScreenConnect)

  • Software/Profiles/MS Updates

  • System Updates

  • System Updates With Restarts

Note: child policies inherit Software, System Updates, MS Updates, Profiles, Monitoring Alerts, and Maintenance from Parent.

Child policies cannot have independent software schedule deployments when there is already a scheduled window for a parent policy.