If you are using the Addigy Live Terminal and receive a password prompt when trying to use sudo, then here are some steps you could use to allow the AddigySSH user to bypass the password prompt. In order to give the AddigySSH user permission to sudo, the /etc/sudoers file needs to point to the /etc/sudoers.d/ directory to import external sudoers.

Note: modifying the sudoers file is extremely dangerous! We do not recommend you edit this file on your own. The file is critical to the functioning of your machine. Damaging the sudoers file can have catastrophic effects on your machine.

Modifying /etc/sudoers File Using the Predefined Command

Find the Predefined Command for modifying the /etc/sudoers file called Live Terminal - Add /private/etc/sudoers.d to sudoers on the Devices page.

After running the Predefined Command, if you continue to experience issues with Addigy Live Terminal, then please reach out to Addigy's support team for additional team.