This integration guide is focused on configuring the Apple Device Enrollment Program using Apple Business Manager within Addigy.

Please review the article in full to understand all of the requirements, configuration steps, and statuses.


The following requirements are needed to proceed with the DEP Integration within Addigy using Apple Business Manager:

  1. Apple Business Manager account (
  2. Devices tied to your Apple Business Manager account
  3. Administrator access in Apple Business Manager
  4. Owner access in Addigy
  5. An MDM Profile is created and defined in `Policies > Integrations > Mobile Device Management (MDM) Integration` (Creating an Apple Push Certificate)

Enable the Addigy DEP Integration

Addigy provides each organization with the ability to associate multiple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) accounts across different policies. 

To enable DEP within your organization, an Owner account will need to enable the integration from the Support -> Integrations page.

Now, each policy within your organization will be able to integrate with a separate DEP account. To associate a DEP account with a policy navigate to the policy in the Policies page, and click on Integrations in the policy drop-down tree.

Then, follow the instructions available within the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) section.   

Configuring the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Integration

Completing the two requirements below involves leveraging your Apple Business Manager Program platform.

If you are using Apple Business Manager, navigate to Settings -> Device Management Settings and select Add MDM Server.

Now, your DEP devices will install Addigy via MDM during their initial enrollment. 

If the device has already gone through the DEP enrollment process and you would like to redo enrollment, then see our article Resetting the DEP Status of a Device.

As soon as your Apple DEP account is linked to the policy, your DEP-enrolled devices will appear in the table below the setup. Here are the possible statuses for each device.

DEP Profile Status:

1) assigned

2) empty

3) pushed

4) removed

DEP Profile Assign Status:

1) success - assigned profile

2) not accessible - serial number not accessible

3) failed - not assigned profile "unexpected reason"

Creating a DEP Profile: (*REQUIRED*)

You must setup a DEP Profile for the integration to be considered complete and start managing devices.

Enter all the unique and corresponding information to your company that you would like to be reflected on DEP Enrolled devices during enrollment and thereafter.

Each task will control the enrollment behavior accordingly below and may vary uniquely for each Operating System (e.g. macOS, tvOS, iOS).

Once the DEP Profile is saved new devices will inherit this Profile configuration.

If devices are already enrolled in DEP, they would need to be re-enrolled to inherit the new profile settings in which case see the article Resetting the DEP Status of a Device.

You can see the status of DEP enrolled devices in Addigy after the Profile Settings in the DEP Devices area.

Underneath you can view the grid of devices and their Profile status:

You can validate devices are enrolled in this process when they are powered on for the first time and they reach the enrollment screen or the Profile is visible in System Preferences.