Deploying Any MDM Profile

1. Navigate to the Policies page within the Addigy portal.

2. Select the Catalog icon to bring up a list of available configurations.

3. Select the MDM Configurations tab within the catalog.

4. Select the Add Configuration button.

5. Select the OS type desired and pick 'Create custom Configuration':

6. Now press 'Select File' to select your custom '.mobileconfig' file:

7. Choose your custom '.mobileconfig' file:

8. Validate your upload '.mobileconfig' file is correct and create the MDM Configuration:

9. Now your MDM Configuration should appear under 'Policies > Catalog > MDM Configurations' and can be filtered by 'Custom Profile' Type.

10. Now you can assign this MDM Configuration to any desired policy to leverage the desired MDM functionality.

11. Confirm your changes and 'Deploy Now':

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