How to Automatically Update VPP Applications


Volume Purchase Program Applications available via Apple Business Manager, Apple School Manager, or equivalent can be used within the Addigy Platform.

You must first setup the pre-requisites to use Apple VPP within Addigy.

Please see the pre-requisites below if you have not completed them yet.

The goal of this article is to help identify how to automatically update VPP applications for devices.


Connecting a VPP Account to Addigy

Using a VPP Account in Apple Business Manager with Addigy

Note: Automatic VPP Updating functionality will be included in our late October/Early November Release.

Steps to enable Automatic VPP Updates

  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy > VPP Assets
  2. Toggle the Software for the respective Policy you would like to enable for Automatic Updates

Additional Details

  • If you select 'Toggle All' it will enable or disable all VPP Assets available for Automatic Deployment.
  • VPP Apps currently deploy every ~24 hours during device check-in or by pressing 'Deploy Now'.
  • Automatic updates deploy the latest version available in the App Store.