With macOS Mojave, the Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC aka TCC) changes require approval to do specific tasks. 

When devices register to our MDM server,  PPPC profiles are automatically deployed to whitelist bash, screenconnect, go-agent and any other applications that are required by the Addigy Agent. 

This removes any prompts for the end user and ensures that software that require this permission are installed automatically and on first deployment.


  1. For initial deployments, ensure you are using the MDM Profile URL for Deployments
  2. The device must be on 10.14 ("Mojave")

How to ensure automatic PPPC Whitelisting on Devices

  1. Install devices using the MDM Profile URL for the desired policy the Device should reside in or using Apple DEP.
  2. If the MDM Profile is already installed on the device and it has been recently upgraded to 10.14, navigate to Policies > Integrations > MDM > MDM Devices and Select the device and press the reload button to re-run an audit on the device immediately:
  3. Press Deploy Now or wait ~30 minutes for the device to automatically fetch its required profiles.
  4. Once completed you should see the PPPC Profiles under System Preferences > Profiles:

Additional Notes

  • The device needs to be in MDM in order to automatically receive the PPPC Whitelisting profiles.
  • The device must be on 10.14+