Software Metering is a service provided by Addigy that can track application usage (System Application Metering) and/or web traffic (Web Applications Metering).

Globally Enabling or Disabling Metering

You can view Software Metering by going to the System section of the Dashboard. By default, Software Metering is turned ON for your organization.

If you would like to disable software metering, click on the gear icon at the top right of the platform. This will open your organization-wide settings.

Note: Your Addigy account must have the Edit Company Configuration privilege to change these settings.

Enabling or Disabling Metering for a Policy

To enable or disable these features, simply click Dashboard on your top left Navigation pane and choose the Policy you'd like to manipulate. 

The metering options can be found under Software Metering. Here you can simply choose which feature you'd like to turn on or off.

Note: If the Parent policy has any Children policies under it, these settings will trickle down to the children policies.