First, head over to the Account > MDM Settings page in the Addigy Navigation bar and select Add Certificate.

 Then, select Download AddigyCSR.plist. Once you've downloaded this, navigate to the Apple Push Certificate Portal by clicking Apple's Push Notification site:

Note: the AddigyCSR.plist file is unique to your Addigy user and this specific signing request.

Next head to Apple's Push Certificates Portal, and login using an Apple ID as seen below. This does not have to be an Apple Developer Account.

Click Create a Certificate to get started.

Please read the Terms of Use and check off and accept the conditions:

Now, select Choose File and upload the CSR file that we previously downloaded from Addigy.

Congratulations! You've created your Push Certificate. Download the certificate and head back to your Addigy to add it to your account.

Navigate to your Certificate (.pem) file to complete Step 2:

Optional: You can enter the Apple ID used to create the certificate. This can serve as a reminder when renewing the certificate later (certificates require yearly renewals).

Now that your Push Certificate is in place, it's time to assign it to an MDM Profile. If you manage devices for a single organization, take a look at our article Assigning Your First Apple Push Certificates for a Single Organization

However, if you manage devices for multiple organizations with your Addigy account, see our article Assigning and Managing Multiple Apple Push Certificates for your Multi-tenant Organization.

For renewals, just follow the same workflow above but instead of creating a new Apple Push Certificate you'll want to press the renew button to generate the file: