Once you have created an Apple Push Certificate on the Account > MDM Settings page, you can assign this certificate to a specific MDM Profile. Push Certificates can be applied to two different types of profile: your Global MDM Profile or the MDM Profile for a specific policy. This knowledge base article covers applying it to the Global MDM Profile.

Assigning a Push Certificate to Your Global MDM Profile

The Global MDM Profile is used to register your devices to Addigy's MDM services. Once configured, any devices that enroll into your Addigy account can register to Addigy's MDM services with your newly applied Apple Push Certificate. This is the recommended solution for accounts managing a single organization.

Note: If you configure both a Global MDM Profile and a policy-specific MDM Profile, the policy Profile will take precedence.

On the Account > MDM Settings page in the Addigy portal, find the section titled Global MDM Profile. As shown below:

Step 1: Enter a Display Name, a Company Name, and a Description for the MDM Profile. These fields will be visible to end-users in System Preferences (macOS) and Settings (iOS) when the profile gets installed. 

Step 2: Click Save Profile when you're satisfied with these fields.

Note: A policy may override the MDM profile fields (Display name, Company Name, Description) but will not replace the Apple Push Certificate used to enroll the device.

Step 3: Click the dropdown list to pull up a list of available certificates.

Step 4: Select the desired certificate. 

Step 5: Click Assign to save your selection.

Great! Now any devices that enroll in your organization's Addigy account will enroll in Addigy MDM with your assigned Apple Push Certificate.