You may find yourself managing multiple organizations under your Addigy account. This is why Addigy allows you to upload and manage multiple Apple Push Certificates to stay in compliance with Apple's MDM Terms of Service which requires that all managed organizations have their own Apple Push Certificate. In most cases, each organization will have its own policy where you can manage that organization's devices. This is where you'll navigate to in order to assign an Apple Push Certificate for that specific organization. Let's walk through this.

Assigning a Push Certificate to an Individual Policy

If you haven't already, create the necessary Push Certificate using our instructions in our article Creating Apple Push Certificates.

First, On the Policies page within the Addigy portal, select the Integrations section under the desired policy.

Step 1: Enter a Display Name, a Company Name, and a Description for the MDM Profile. These fields will be visible to end-users in System Preferences (macOS) and Settings (iOS) when the profile gets installed. 

Step 2: Select a Push Certificate from the dropdown list, and click Save Profile when you're satisfied with these fields.

That's it! Now, new devices that enroll in Addigy MDM from this policy will be enrolled using the assigned Push Certificate for their policy. You can repeat this process to enable different Apple Push Certificates at different policies.