Enrolling a new device with your Apple Push Certificate:

Once you have created your Apple Push Certificates and assigned your Apple Push Certificates at the global level or policy level. You can begin enrolling devices into Addigy MDM with your specific Apple Push Certificate.

First, Head over to the Downloads page and download the MDM Profile associated with that policy. If you have a Global Apple Push Certificate enabled you can download the MDM from any policy or no policy and all your devices will use the Global APN Cert. If you choice to assign your Apple Push Certificate at the Policy Level, you'll want to download the MDM profile from that specific Policy.

Below is an example of where you would download the Global MDM Profile. 

And on the right hand side of the same page you should see the option to select a specific policy.

Copying and pasting this link directly into a Safari browser will attempt to install the MDM Profile onto a device manually.

Alternatively, it will download the .mobileconfig file that is respective to your environment which can be used to manually install the profile on other devices.

Double clicking the .mobileconfig file will deploy it into System Preferences:

You need to select, 'Continue' and then select 'Install' on the Profiles section:

The profile should then show successfully installed, along with any other MDM Configurations that may be assigned in the policy:

Below is a video that walk through the MDM profile deployment.

Installing Mobile Device Management:

  • Copy Download Link for MDM Profile
  • Email Download Link to MDM Device
  • Download and Install MDM Profile
  • Copy the Profile to a USB or similar device for local installations

Video contain no audio

Once the Addigy Profile is deployed and the device is checking-in, you're all set. The device will connect with MDM and use your assigned APN.

If you have an Apple Business Manager or Device Enrollment Program (DEP) account, then head over to our articles