The Addigy agent software provides the backbone for managing macOS devices with Addigy. While the majority of files for the Addigy agent are installed in the /Library/Addigy folder, the agent software requires certain Apple Profiles to be installed to function properly.

The Agent Profile

When the Addigy agent finishes installing on a Mac, a profile called Agent will appear on the Profiles pane in System Preferences. This profile helps bridge functionality between the device and the Addigy platform by indicating that the installation was successful. This profile contains no settings or configurations and will not impact the behavior of the device.

Removing the Agent profile will signal to the Addigy platform that the agent is not correctly installed. A command will be sent to the device to reinstall the Addigy agent.

PPPC Whitelist Profiles

For Macs running macOS 10.14 Mojave, the Addigy agent will be restricted by Privacy Preferences. To provide the necessary access to the device, Addigy MDM will attempt to deploy Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC) settings to any device running macOS Mojave with an approved MDM Profile. To learn more about these profiles, please see our article Automatic PPPC Whitelisting for Addigy When Devices Register with Mdm.