Addigy's GoLive Chat feature is a great way for administrators to communicate directly to the end user, regardless of who is logged in!


1. Before you and end users can use Addigy's chat feature the devices must be in a policy with a self-service item enabled. You can find instructions on Creating a Self Service Item here: Creating a Self Service Item.

2. The device must be online.

3. A user must be logged into that device.

Contacting the end User

Addigy provides multiple methods of initiating a chat with end users.

The quickest method is through the chat button on the bottom right of any screen in your Addigy environment:

1. Click the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

2. Select the device you wish to initiate a chat with.

3. Begin the conversation.

Another method would be from GoLive:

1. Click on Devices.

2. Click on GoLive of the desired device.

3. Click Start chat in the top-right corner.

4. A chat window will appear, begin the conversation.

Another method is from the Actions column in the Devices page:

1. Click on Devices.

2. In the Actions column, click the Chat icon.

3. A chat window will appear, begin the conversation.

End User replying

There are multiple approaches to how the user reply to a chat with their support team.

Through the MacManage application in the dock:

1. Enable Self Service on the dock in Addigy, click the MacManage application on the local device.

2. A chat window will appear and the user can check what conversations their admins have started with them.

Through the MacManage status icon:

1. Click the MacManage icon in the status menu.

2. Click Request Support.

3. Click Chats.

4. The user can begin conversing with the admin.

You're all set to start a dialog with your users! If you experience any issues, please reach out to the Addigy Support team by email