Apple push certificates expire after one year. This article shows you the easy way on how to renew your Apple push certificate in the portal. These certificates do not auto-renew and it needs to be manual renewed. If you would like to know when your certificates expire, please visit the Apple Push Certificates Portal for further details.

Renewing Apple Push Certificate in Apple's Portal

First ensure you have renewed your Apple Push Certificate in Apple's portal. You can follow the steps below to renew the certificate in the portal:

1. Navigate to the Push Certificate website and login

2. Locate the certificate in question, and click Renew. Example below:

3. You will then be taken to the Renew Push Certificate Screen where you will upload the AddigyCSR.plist fileExample below:

4. You will then receive a confirmation that it was successful, where you can now download the certificate that you can then upload into Addigy, described in the next section of this article. Example below:

Note: You will be able to download the renewed certificate from the main page even if you navigate away from this screen.

Renewing Apple Push Certificate in the Addigy Platform

1. Select Account from the navigation pane.

2. Choose MDM Settings.

3. Click on the Renew button on the certificate that you would like to renew.

4. Click on Choose .pem from Apple button to upload the certificate again (To create/re-create from the Apple Push Certificates Portal referenced earlier in this article, the .pem file can be generated from the same steps found in the following article:

5. Select the certificate .pem file from your download folder.

6. Finally, click on the Save button to complete renew.

7. Once the .pem file is saved, you will notice in the Updated column that the certificate is updated. 

You have now successfully updated your Apple Push Certificate.