The best way to limit VPP applications to a subset of devices is to:

Create a Child Policy

1. Click Policies in the navigation bar.

2. Click + Create Policy

3. Name the Child Policy.

4. Select the Policy that will serve as the Parent.

5. Click Create.

Move the desired devices into the Child Policy

6. Select the newly created Child Policy.

7. Select the Child Policy's Devices.

8. Using the dropdown-menu change is so that the Parent policy or All Policies is selected.

9. Select all the devices you want to move to the child policy (selected devices will have a dark check mark on the leftmost column).

10. Click Assign to, in order to move checked devices to the child policy.

Now all that needs to be done is to set a VPP token for that child policy.

You're all set! If you experience any issues, please reach out to the Addigy Support team by email