Addigy Identity - User Authentication and On-Boarding Simplified

Note: Addigy Identity requires 10.14 Mojave and above.

Addigy Identity simplifies users authentication and on-boarding at the MacOS Login window. With Addigy Identity, your users will be able to use the same authentication they use across your environment on their MacOS systems as well. No extra configuration on the Identity Provider side necessary. 

Addigy Identity: Core functionalities

Cloud Based Settings

First, The Addigy Identity login window is customizable via our web console at the policy level, this means you can deploy a different background and logo, identity provider authentication, and settings for each one of your policies. This helps In cases, where different departments want to have their own logo and background on the login window of their machines to create a much more tailored experience for their users. This same idea applies for Addigy organizations that are managing multiple companies, each company will have a different logo, background and identity provider, this is why Addigy identity makes it so easy to customize and deploy different settings via policies. 

Just-In-Time User Creation

Addigy Identity then allows for Just-In-Time user account creation. Once a user authenticates at the login window Addigy automatically create a local user account with the information that users IdPs (Identity Providers) sends back to Addigy Identity. If the user already has a local account created, Addigy make sure the passwords are synced and automatically sign them right into their accounts so they can right back to work with minimal interruption. 

Password Syncing

Addigy Identity will acknowledge password resets deployed from the identity provider at the login window level. We understand that in order to keep proper security hygiene we must enforce a password policy that will require the user to reset their password in X amount of days and comply with the established password rules. This is why we seamlessly enforce idp level password policies and make it easy for users to comply.

At a high level, Addigy Identity secures your MacOS systems, makes it easy for your users to authenticate against MacOS machines, allows for multi-tenant customizability from our web console, allows for tailored designed, simplifies on-boarding with just in time account creation,  and enforces password policies. 

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