Last Update: 1/20/2019

Supplemental release version 1.0.4 of the Self Service Beta program. Throughout the Beta program you can find updates on fixes and additional features here. This version includes the following changes:

  • Updated functionality of Tickets input box.
  • Fixed a bug on Install where application icon failed to load.
  • Updated naming across the application for consistency.
  • Fixed a bug where custom Self Service icons did not display properly.
  • Added information text to communicate the uses of the Chat section.
  • Renamed Start to About and moved it to the bottom of the navbar.
  • Fixed a bug where Tickets could be submitted without relevant information.

We're inviting all Addigy customers to join us in trying the new Self Service app. With a feature like Self Service, it's vital that we receive feedback from our customers with real-world insights into how it performs and meets people's needs. This article discusses how to opt into the Beta program, what to expect from the new application, and how to provide feedback about your experiences.

Please do not deploy the beta edition of Self Service in a production policy! 

Note that when we do the production release of Self Service it will be deployed automatically and you will not need to take any action. We will provide notice ahead of the production release of Self Service so you have time to prepare. 

Joining the Self Service Beta Program

To begin using the new Self Service app, follow these simple steps.

1. From the Policies page, select Software beneath a testing policy.

2. Under Public Software, Search for "Self Service".

3. Add the app to the policy.

4. Go to Deploy Changes, and confirm the addition of Self Service. will be updated across all devices in this policy the next time they apply their policy instructions. Currently, the Public Software will not update the Dock icon until the app has been launched.

Note: we strongly encourage you do not distribute the new app to production devices. The Beta program has been designed to resolve real-world use-cases that cannot be adequately tested internally. We recommend only installing Self Service on test devices.

Also note that the Chat feature of Self Service does not currently work in the Beta. 

Opting Out

You may opt out of the Beta program at any time. Simply remove the app from Policies -> Software under any policies where it was applied. Make sure to go to Deploy Changes to confirm the removal. The app may require the policy to run up to two times before the current has been reinstalled.

What's New in Self Service

While much of the underlying infrastructure has stayed the same from the old app to the new, you'll see some critical new changes.

Dark Mode

Rebuilding the app in Swift means it has access to native UI libraries. now fully supports Dark Mode on macOS 10.14 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina.

Application Searching

The Install section in Self Service now includes options to filter applications by category and search for applications by name. Categories can be defined for apps when creating Custom Software in the Catalog.

Quit Self Service Option and Shortcut

The new honors application standards like being able to quit the application. It's a small change, but we believe it's going to be a big leap in end-user experiences.

Notifications and Do Not Disturb

Of course, a Self Service application wouldn't be complete without ways to notify your users to the important events and needs of their device. The new application uses a careful mix of customizable notifications and native macOS notifications which can now be found in their Notification Center. Native notifications are handled by macOS and will respond to normal settings like Do Not Disturb.

To enforce Notification Center settings for, there is an Apple Profile attached to this article that can be uploaded to Addigy as a Custom MDM Configuration (see Configuring and Deploying Any MDM Profile).

Once applied, Notification Center settings will be enforced the app in System Preferences -> Notifications ->

Existing Documentation

To customize the look and feel of the new Self Service app, check out our existing documentation:

Submitting Feedback about Self Service

The success of this Beta programs relies on dedicated customers to let us know about their experiences. Are you having issues with this app? Do you wish it looked or performed differently?

We need to know!

To submit feedback on the Self Service Beta program, please get in contact with our support team. Let them know you are testing the Self Service Beta, the policies in which you are test, and any additional information you think may be helpful. There are a few ways to reach out to Addigy support:

  • In your Addigy account, go to Support -> Issues and submit a new ticket to support.
  • You may directly email to generate a ticket.
  • You may login to to directly interface with our support platform. If you've submitted a ticket to support before, you should have a received a registration link for this site.