Addigy is making changes to improve how files uploaded to Addigy are handled. As part of these changes several changes are necessary to the API calls used to upload a file to Addigy. 

The Addigy File Upload API takes 2 steps to upload a file. Step 1 generates a URL to be used in Step 2. And Step 2 uses the URL returned in Step 1 to upload the file. A 3rd call can be made that returns the meta data for the uploaded file. 


DNS Changes when download files - Proxies need to have the following whitelisted 

File Upload: https// 

  1. Adds the ability to include 
    1. content-type of the file (if not provided, defaults to "application/octet-stream") 
    2. file-name (due to step 2 being changed, if you do not provide the file name here, the file will be named with a random GUID. This value can not be changed.) 
  2. Returns the ID of File in the response. File ID is necessary for the Get Metadata call below. 

File Upload: 

  1. Client-ID and Client-secret are no longer used
  2. Is now a "Put" instead of a "Post"
  3. Everything required for this Put is returned by the Get call except: 
    1. content-type (required)
    2. file (required) 
  4. The response is blank  

New File Get Metadata of file)  

Note: The Get Metadata call now returns the object that needs to be used with the Custom Software Post command.