Addigy Self Service is a native Swift application designed to provide the Apple experience your user's expect. 

In June 2020, a new version of Self Service will be shipping. When the new Self Service is deployed your existing Self Service settings will remain unchanged and be honored. If you customized either the Dock or Menu Bar icon, your custom icon will continue to be used. When your users open the new Self Service they will however see a brand new look. There is no way to opt out of receiving the new version of Self Service. 

Self Service

Native macOS Application

As Self Service is now a native macOS application, it will honor dark mode settings and application standards like command-Q to quit the application. 

Application Searching

The Install section in Self Service now includes options to filter applications by category and search for applications by name. Categories can be defined for apps when creating Custom Software in the Catalog.

Notifications and Do Not Disturb

Of course, a Self Service application wouldn't be complete without ways to notify your users to the important events and needs of their device. The new application uses a careful mix of customizable notifications and native macOS notifications which can now be found in Notification Center. Native notifications are handled by macOS and will respond to normal settings like Do Not Disturb.

To enforce Notification Center settings for, there is an Apple Profile attached to this article that can be uploaded to Addigy as a Custom MDM Configuration (see Configuring and Deploying Any MDM Profile).

Once applied, Notification Center settings will be enforced the app in System Preferences -> Notifications ->

Existing Documentation

To customize the look and feel of the new Self Service app, check out our existing documentation: