To create custom static fields in the Devices table:

1. Click on the Devices Table Menu and select "Manage Static Fields".

2. Provide a name for the new field.

3. Click on the Save button for the field.

The created static field will show at the end of the available columns in the Devices Table Menu. To manage columns please refer to Manage Devices Table Columns.

If you want to remove a custom static field:

4. Click on the trash can button next to the item you want to delete.


Only owners are authorized to remove static fields. 

Removing a static field will also remove that column from ALL saved devices table configurations that are using that column/field within your organization.

To edit a static field for a device:

5. Click on the Edit button under the "Actions" Column of the Devices Table.

In the "Edit Static Field" section of the edit pop-up:

6. Select the field you want to edit. 

7. Provide the value for that field.

8. Click on "Save".

If you add the column to the table you will see the value for that field and device: