Addigy GDPR Data Audit

Device specific data in Addigy

Addigy processes data from our Data Controller's (Addigy Customers) who sign up for Addigy Services. These Data Controllers have the ability to install the Addigy Agent on macOS, iOS and tvOS Devices only. 

The Addigy Agent collects the required device data in order to perform Remote Monitoring and Management Services for IT Departments and Service Companies. (e.g. IP Address, MAC Address, Device Name, and Username, etc)

Data Controllers have the ability to enable functionality to collect other types of data (e.g. Software Metering can be enabled to monitor the traffic usage and network usage on a device, custom scripting can be created by the controller to retrieve other types of information).

The Addigy Agent maintains specific information about the device in order to perform its required tasks for the duration the Addigy Agent is installed on the device.

Personal Identifiable Device information includes:

  •         Ethernet MAC Address

  •         Device Name

  •         Mac UUID

  •         ScreenConnect SessionId

  •         LocalHost Name

  •         TeamViewer Client Id

  •         Serial Number

  •         Splashtop ID

  •         Local IP

  •         Admin Users

This device information is restricted and only available to the Data Controller. Addigy as a Data Processor does not record or maintain a log of this type of information and once it is updated or deleted, we cannot confirm the previous status of the device(s). 

Additionally, the following data can be collected by the Addigy Agent / Addigy Platform and maintained by the Data Collector:

  • Software Metering Data is maintained for 30 Days (1 Months).

  • Event Actions performed in the Addigy Console by Owner, Admin, and User level roles are maintained for 90 days (3 Months).

This data can be exported via Reports or CSV for Data Portability and Data Visibility. 

User specific data in Addigy

  • Addigy has user specific data correlated to its Addigy Users. An Addigy user is created by an Organization Administrator or the Administrator of the Organization will create the Addigy Account. In which case the Full Name, User Name, and Phone Number are required. This level of personal information is required to access the Addigy Interface. If the User level information would like to be changed - please contact your Data Controller.

  • Support Ticket creations will reference this User Information upon ticket submission to reference the Addigy Users.

  • Addigy Multi-Factor Authentication can use the phone number of the Addigy User to validate the secure login.

If you have an Addigy account and have additional questions, you can create a ticket by emailing

Alternatively, you can submit a support request within Addigy.